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Tahiti and Islands

fleur tiareWelcome to Tahiti and Polynesia Frenchfleur tiare

Described as with the most beautiful lagoons of the world, French Polynesia is the place of birth of the splendid Pearl of Tahiti, unique and if sought for the jewellery.

Grown in the Tuamotu - Gambier, Tahitian pearls Islands are all different one of the other. This actually features the "Queen of". "Pearls".

Tahiti and her Islands is a destination isolated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is still preserved the turbulent frenzy of large cities. Life is peaceful and the splendors of its landscapes provided that its inhabitants kindness inspiration to those who have the chance and the pleasure of visiting, the envy of always come back.


 nacre and pearls


Polynesia French in brief

Polynesia French is a community overseas largely autonomous will govern freely within the framework of the Republic.

Located in the heart of South Pacific with an area of 5 million km2, equivalent to that of Europe, but whose only 3 200 square kilometers of land mass, it is made up 118 high Islands and atolls divided into 5 archipelagos: Windward Islands, Leeward Islands, Tuamotu - Gambier, Marquesas and Southern.

Its highest point is the mount Orohena to Tahiti (2 241 m).

Numerous flights commercial originally Japan, Australia and New Zealand, Chile, Los Angeles, and Paris, make this easily accessible paradise.

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To the last census of 2007, French Polynesia had 259 706 inhabitants, three-quarters are concentrated at Tahiti and Moorea.

Composed of three ethnic groups (Polynesian, French and Chinese) widely loads between them, modern Polynesian society is an example successful mix.

The official language is French. Polynesian languages the Tahitian including are still widely spoken. English is more increasingly used in tourism and trade.

Located in tropical zone, French Polynesia does unknown distinct seasons. The temperature falls that rarely

under 20 ° C (during the dry and cooler from May to) (October). Approximately 90 % of precipitation focus between the months of January to March.

Time zone
GMT + 12 h

Telephone code International
+ 689

Zip code


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